The Milo is a drink sweet created by the company Nestlé makes some years. This drink is a delicious drink suitable both for children and for adults.

The Milo is a drink based in malta and cocoa, giving a drink different to them shakes of chocolate conventional, since the malta certainly you gives a touch special to this drink.

As it is a special drink, sold in lots of countries as if they were the churros. What began being a drink typical of Australia, has finished being a phenomenon global with customers and consumers in all the world, being a product very prominent in America Latina and in countries of Asia. In Spain not is found as easily as others products as the Nesquick, but also are can find, since there are people to which you like much.

Unlike that occurs with others drinks of Nestlé, the Milo is a drink that we must prepare, since this drink that can buy us comes in form of powders not prepared in which must follow a series of processes to get prepare it of the way correct.

Prepare Milo is easy if you know how do it, it bad is that if not it know do, you can pass things disastrous. Imagine you that not get that is dissolve well this drink, this not is good, since the milo only is rich if is well dissolved in the water or in the milk, since unlike that occurs in other foods as the colacao, the milo not knows well in State solid.

By this, if not know prepare milo, today you are going to teach to prepare it from the way correct, so can enjoy of this delicious dish next to all your family or you only, as you prefer.

What do you need for How to prepare Milo?

  • Milo.
  • Hot water.
  • A little milk.
  • Optional: Other ingredients to give it more flavor, like Nesquick or sugar.

Instructions for How to prepare Milo

  1. Assemble the ingredients:

Cómo preparar Milo

The first thing we are going to do when it comes to prepare milo is to gather the ingredients needed to prepare it the right way. First of all we must have obviously is the pot of milo, which is available in stores of food from Latin American countries. In Spain not sold as such or is very difficult to find, so to be a product of import, it will be a product that is more expensive than other products from here. We will also need a glass which add milo, a large spoon, a little hot water, a milk carton and finally the unique ingredients that you want to add, such as sugar, nesquick or even honey.

  1. Take Milo in hot water:

Cómo preparar Milo

A time have gathered all the ingredients that make lack for prepare the milo, we going to take two or three tablespoons of milo in a glass. If you want, you can have something more to be more concentrated, however, it is not so easy to dissolve in this way. Now let’s take water, which we have previously heated somewhere, as for instance a coffeemaker or microwave. We will fill the glass halfway, as the rest so let’s take milk so you have a milder taste (although it can also test taking only milo with water). Once you’ve missed half of the glass of water, take the spoon and stir well until milo is completely dissolved. Once she is dissolved, we can now move to the next step.

  1. Stir well and pour the milk:

Cómo preparar Milo

Now that we have the well dissolved and ready milo, go with the latter part of the basic preparation of milo, put the milk on top. Milk is immaterial whether hot or cold, because as milo is already dissolved, will give us a bit like (the water should be warm because the milo does not dissolve well in cold liquids, because as you know, liquids hot have a higher capacity solution cold liquids) .Now we will solve everything well, to make it all evenly, in this way, we will have a completely equal mix, with no parts of milk that have not been mixed with milo. Now we could take, but we will explain various ways to have a better flavor.

  1. Serve in different ways:

Cómo preparar Milo

If you wish, you can now take the milo and is delicious, but let’s go a step further and explain some interesting ways of taking it. One of my favorite is to take a bit of Nesquik, which is a soluble product of Nestle chocolate. We take a couple of tablespoons and stir thus be completely dissolved and mixed. I like the cold Milo, so once I have it dissolved, stick it to the refrigerator and leave it like that for a few hours, until completely cold. I also like to put some ice and even a little honey in some cases. If you’re really daring, you can take the milo into a mold making ice cream and ice cream in the freezer milo. The truth that have a different conventional ice cream chocolate flavor.

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