In Spain it is common in Lent and Holy Week to see people buying bread and then they make torrijas to eat in these dates, but no matter what time of the year it is, it is always rich, easy and pleasant to eat homemade torrijas and whenever we wish.

The torrijas do not require to invest much money in its elaboration, you can know how they make torrijas in few minutes and in a few instants you will be able to make them with your own hands.

There are even people who make bread at home and use this bread to make torrijas, but any type of bread you have is useful, even the bread type birote or bolillo can serve you, the bread of milk also works very well, but the bread That you want will help you make torrijas at home.

Even any drink is nice when it comes to eating toast, milk, orange juice, soda cola, whatever you want. The torrijas can be made with milk or with liquor, but if you are not to drink liqueurs or you want to share them with small children, it is better to opt for milk.

You can use the old bread from the previous day or even older, as long as it is not moldy any type of bread works. Read this article and see how to make torrijas.

Instructions for How to make torrijas

  1. We will place a pot on the stove, this pot should be large enough to hold 1 liter of water or more. We will heat the milk and when it is hot but not yet boiling, add the sugar, remember that are 100 grams of sugar per liter of milk. If you plan to make more toast you will need more bread and therefore more milk to soak the bread, so you will have to add more milk to the pot, always measuring the amount of sugar well for the amount of milk.
  2. Now that you have added the sugar to the milk, stir it with a wooden spade so that it dissolves well in the milk and when the sugar is well dissolved, add a little cinnamon, not much, half a teaspoon of cinnamon is enough, even less if You do not want the torrijas to have a strong flavor. Let it warm very well, it is not necessary to boil, but it is very hot so that when you put the bread, it absorbs the milk well and completely moistens.
  3. Now beat the eggs with a fork or a beater until it is well dissolved, but not that it becomes meringue, but only take a clear tonality and the yolks and whites are well incorporated with each other. While you’re doing this, add a little sugar if you want to make the toasted sweets look sweeter as they will probably lose some of the sweetness sugar gives them, but this step is optional.
  4. Now take the bread or shake it, shake it with a thickness of approximately 1.5 centimeters for each slice. Since we do not want the bread to break down by frying it, it is necessary that the slices of bread are somewhat thick, because if they are too thin they might break. It is also recommended that the bread is somewhat dry so that when it comes to frying it is not allowed or undone and is easier to cut. If you want the bread to harden quickly you can put it after slicing it in the sun in a tray on paper and that it is in the open for a half hour, or you can also put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 ° C, then alone Take it out of the oven and you’re ready to make the torrijas. 
  5. Submerge the bread in the hot milk and help with a spatula or shovel to submerge the bread and soak it well with the milk, then place the bread in one or several trays so you can have it on hand.
  6. Now in a pan put some olive oil or the type of oil you most want, the olive is the most traditional when making torrijas and its flavor is pleasant, so it is the most common too, but you can Choose the type of oil you want most. Let the oil be very hot so we can cover the torrijas.
  7. Now place one by one of the slices in the beaten egg so that when frying the egg is sewed and the milk does not run off the bread. Now put the torrijas in the hot oil and let them fry well, but be very careful that they do not burn, since the olive oil is the types of oil that when heated is consumed faster. Drain for a moment allowing the oil to fall into the pan.
  8. Then place the torrijas in a dish or tray with paper absorbent down so that this absorbs the excess of oil and the torrijas do not become oily at the time of eating them.
  9. While all the torrijas are still hot and well fried, place 1 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a dish. You can buy it in the super or grind it in your house with the food processor or a mortar by hand. Put the torrijas in the sugar and move them so that the sugar sticks to them and they are well sugared, then just shake them a bit to remove the excess sugar and do not fill your hands with sugar grains every time you pick up a torrija .
  10. Place them in a cooking bowl and cover them with a bag or some plastic to keep the heat a little longer. After this they are ready to serve, you can eat them with milk, wine, juice or your favorite drink and share them with whoever you want.

What do you need for How to make torrijas?

  • 1 liter of milk
  • 100 gr of sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 and ¼ tablespoons of cinnamon powder
  • Bread for torrijas, bread of milk or common bread

Tips for How to make torrijas

  • If you do not want your torrijas to have an excess of oil or you just want another flavor, you can use butter or margarine instead of oil and a smaller amount, just take care that the egg of the torrijas thing.
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