Pumpkin has many ways to be cooked, sweets, desserts and stews are the most common and pleasant, pumpkin like chocolate and corn, is one of the prehispanic fruits of the Americas that came from the new world to the rest of the Continents. To be more specific, it originated from where we now know as Mexico. This has been adopted by many countries as the main ingredient for their food, and Valencia is no exception.

Valencia is known for having many culinary traditions, especially for its sweet, rich and that almost anyone regardless of their economy can prepare. One of those delicious sweets, are the so-called pumpkin fritters, which are made with a base of cooked pumpkin puree, flour and yeast.

They do not require much sugar so they are very healthy for those who continue with an exemplary lifestyle. You can make pumpkin fritters whenever you have a pumpkin and flour to make them.

Yes you will take some time to make these pumpkin fritters, but it is worth doing, because they are very pleasant and irresistible. Whether for winter with a hot chocolate, in summer with fruit or alone, or to eat something from time to time, pumpkin fritters are ideal, especially if the pumpkin season is approaching, which is when we buy them cheaper.

On this occasion we bring you a recipe of delicious pumpkin fritters so that you prepare it at home yourselves.


Instructions for How to Make Pumpkin Fritters

  1. Let’s wash our squash very well on the outside and dry it with a paper towel or let it dry itself, it is important that it is not wet, because we do not want it to slip when cutting it as this could cause a serious accident to Time to handle the knife. The first thing to do to make a pumpkin fritters at home is to carefully put the pumpkin clean on a large table on a table, then with a large sharp knife will break it in half. Then we will divide this mitan into small boxes about 5 centimeters each, or, if you consider that it is very difficult to cut the pumpkin or you could hurt yourself, then better take a strong metal spoon and with it separates all the pulp from the shell that you can.
  2. Place this pulp in a pot with enough water to cover the pieces of pumpkin and let it boil for 40 minutes until it is tender and soft or take a fork and prick a piece of pumpkin, if it sinks easily into the pumpkin , It means that it is ready for you to remove it from the fire. Take a trowel with holes or a strainer, remove the pulp from the pot and place it in another container, which is large enough so that you can put your hands on it and move the ingredients it contains. The water that continues in the pot does not throw it, we will need it later to make the mass of the pumpkin fritters.
  3. With a crusher, trowel, fork or spoon, squash the pumpkin until mashed, we will need at least 800 grams of pumpkin puree to make the fritters. You can save yourself the use of crusher or cutlery if you use a mixer in medium power and beat the pumpkin until puree.
  4. In still warm water pumpkin, dissolve the yeast, stir it a little with a spoon and let the yeast rest, while, place 300 grams of standard flour on a large bowl and add the pumpkin water with yeast, begin to knead this adds the pumpkin puree and continues to slowly add flour and pumpkin water with yeast. Do not stop kneading while incorporating the ingredients, otherwise they will form lumps in the dough, or the ingredients will not mix well and the flavor of the fritters will not remain uniform.
  5. It is common to use the hands to make the dough, so they should be very clean and preferably should not wear rings, as they accumulate dirt, but if you do not want to use your hands, use a rubber spatula or a beater to mix the ingredients of the dough.
  6. Now that the dough is ready, put a lid or plastic film over it so that it does not enter or leave air and the dough can ferment and double its size, this will have to stand for at least 40 minutes, but you can put it in a Place something hot like it is next to the window, to the side of the stove (but not too close or could happen accidents), or in a room where there is heat, thus doubling faster and you will be able to make the fritters sooner.
  7. As soon as the dough is gone, put it out and put the oil to heat in a metal pot, the oil should not be very hot as this could burn the fritters and would not be cooked inside, whereas if the oil is Cold, the fritters will absorb a lot of oil and become excessively greasy. Put a piece of bread in the oil, if the bread comes out afloat in a few minutes and dora, it means that the oil is at its ideal point.
  8. Now wash your hands again and put a small container with cold water next to the dough container. With your left hand take a little dough and make a fist, make it come out a little over, then put the fingers of the right hand in the cold water, drain the excess water, and take the ball of dough that came out of Your other hand, with your thumb drill a hole in the dough just before placing it in the oil. The donut should have a similar shape to the donuts.
  9. This must do it fast, because this mass slides and stretches fast so it is difficult to make shapes with it if you are beginner. You also have to be careful with the water, because if water falls directly to the butter or the oil, it will jump and it can hurt you.
  10. Continue with this procedure until you finish the whole dough. Then let this drain on absorbent paper. Sprinkle with sugar if you want or eat them with hot chocolate if that’s what you prefer.

What do you need for How to Make Pumpkin Fritters?

  • 1 pumpkin
  • 50 grams of baking powder or fresh
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 kilo of standard wheat flour
  • Frying oil
  • Sprinkling Sugar (optional)

Tips for How to Make Pumpkin Fritters

  • If it is very difficult for you to do it with your hands or you are afraid of an accident, use two spoons and mash the dough, then place them in the oil and let them cool so you will not use your hands and you will reduce the risk of damage.
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