Italy is a country full of traditions, Italy can enjoy their music, their dances, his theatrical works, its beautiful architecture, and of course its gastronomy. Not only pasta and meatballs are representative of Italy, also their drinks, and one of them is the limoncello, a drink made from spirit of lemon essence that we can do at home with few ingredients. It is very easy to prepare and just need to wait for to free the essence of lemon peels.

It really is a very nice liqueur to enjoy and you can prepare it without spending a lot of money, you can serve both on special occasions as you take a from time to time, clear without abuse of course, because much drinking is very harmful to health, but treat yourself to savor it once in a while is not bad, and if you don’t know where to get it , not you worry, you are going to show a recipe to make limoncello and effectively know great, can make limoncello in house to enjoy it with your food favorite or share it as a gift for any person special for you.

No matter what the reason, if you want to make limoncello at home you are going to show how to do it so you get a kilo of lemon and get to work.

Instructions for How to make Limoncello

  1. We will begin by getting a kilo of lime, to make limoncello, tradition is to use large yellow lemons, but you can serve any type of lemon. This kilo of lemon you should wash it very well without using soap, only carve it underwater, can put it in a cup and carve the lemons with a brush, or you can carve them under running tap water, only takes care not to spend too much water so keep the faucet flushing medium. Rinse very well these lemons, it should not be anything of Earth in them, especially carving the pedicle of the lemons, it is here where it accumulates more land.
  2. As soon as you have well cleaned and drained these lemons, it takes a sharp, small knife that you can handle with ease, because with this you must Peel all the lemons, but be very careful with this step, because we only need the green part of the lemons, IE its surface, is not to cut the white part, because this is bitter and it could ruin the taste of our limoncello Why should we cut only the surface of the lemon peel, only the portion yellow or green if depending on the variety you choose. If in the shells is a little of the whites, carefully take the knife and eliminates as much as possible as you can by scraping with the knife until the shell it is to see you.
  3. Now get a glass jar, this jar wash it thoroughly inside and out, also lava very well its lid. Adds all these shells within the glass jar you just wash and then adds alcohol edible to cover all lemon peels. This spirit must not exceed 95°. This move with a clean wooden spoon so the shells can absorb alcohol and in turn release its flavor. Now let this stand for approximately five minutes.
  4. Now that it’s been five minutes, double the amount of alcohol that we have set, i.e. If our bottle of alcohol with lemon occupies a third volume of vial with alcohol to cover the lemon shells, then once this has rested with the amount of alcohol that we had already put another amount equal within the bottle next to it. It is important that all the lemon is submerged under alcohol and also so the lemon scent is released, it is necessary that you move this again with the wooden spoon.
  5. This cover again and let it sit for a week. The place where to rest this glass jar with lemon and alcohol, should not be a very hot place, the temperature of the place where to store this should be less than 30 ° C, you must also be a dark place so that light does not reach the bottle. You can store in your cupboard if you consider that it complies with the proper temperature and the dark. Even so, must will move this every three days a little shaking the flask or by moving it with a clean wooden spoon.
  6. Now that has already passed the rest, out this week from the cupboard and put it on the table, it is when you open the bottle. Now place a colander over a bowl large enough to contain all the spirit of the glass jar, and strain the contents of the flask by separating the alcohol lemon peels. Now measure the alcohol you have, the exact measurements are needed to know how much water is going to add to the liquor, so it weighs how much alcohol has been separating it from shells.
  7. Per liter of alcohol we will add three liters of water but before we prepare syrup with the water we need for our limoncello. In ceramic casserole, tempered glass, stainless steel, and clay add water, it is important the Pan where to do this other than aluminum. Three litres of water that you put to boil, you must add a kilo of sugar, this is without counting how much alcohol we are going to add.
  8. Move this to dissolve very well, you have to do this until it is hot and begins to boil for 15 minutes. Then remove it from the fire and leave it resting for 10 to 20 minutes or until this completely cold. Once it has cooled, place it on the table to prepare our limoncello. If you want that your limoncello is softer you can reduce the degree of alcohol or sweetness by adding another liter of water to syrup, just mix it very well with the prepared syrup.
  9. Strain again the alcohol to remove dirt, then pour this into the cold syrup and move this well again until it attains a more pale and greenish or yellowish color. Now deposit the limoncello into bottles and set aside this day. Once after that time you can now enjoy your homemade limoncello.

What do you need for How to make Limoncello?

  • 1 kilo of lemon
  • 3 liters of water
  • 1 liter of edible alcohol

Tips for How to make Limoncello

  • If you let this stand for longer limoncello will be stronger, but if you want to have a milder flavor note that you can decrease the amount of alcohol that you add to the syrup.


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