Many times by the simple made of imagine us it complicated and it complex that should be make bread already or we propose do us it. Seems difficult and full of steps and a work significant to it best if, but not is true.

In fact, the bread is very easy to make at home, and need only a few basic ingredients to make simple bread. Here I tell you exactly how to make delicious bread at home step by step.

Instructions for How to make homemade bread

  1. In first place, you should heat the container (the best way of make it is simply fill it with water hot, and then dump the water hot, leaving the container in place warm).
  2. Then, mix the yeast in accordance with the instructions on the package. Usually, goes to tell something in the line of “add a cup of water warm to the yeast and stir.”  That is going to end up with a little water color toasted with some bubbles in it. You must remove this until there are no lumps in the yeast.
  3. Melt the butter in the microwave.
  4. Then add the milk, sugar and salt in the yeast liquid and stir until all look the same (a brown liquid very clear).
  5. Then add two cups of flour to the mixture – do not add the rest yet. Ten spoon ready to remove it all.
  6. Begins to remove, and then add the flour, 1/4 of cup each minute more or less. At the beginning, it is possible that sticking to the spoon – don’t worry about it.
  7. Continuous stirring and adding flour until dough this slightly sticky, you’ll know that the mass of this list because it should not stick hands. In addition, you can clean largely the sides of the bowl, leaving just a thin layer of floury material.
  8. Now comes the fun part: kneading. Take some flour between your hands and then rub the above the top of a space of the table in which you are going to work. Do this several times until you have a space at the table lightly covered in flour.
  9. Then grab the ball of mass of the bowl and starts to hit with it. Get this for ten minutes. Just take the dough, give it a flat, then fold again to form a ball again and repeat the operation several times.
  10. When have left pass ten minutes of resting, return to give him the form of a ball, is the time of either clean the bowl that have used or take a bowl clean.
  11. Have that coat the inside with a bit of starch of corn or oil in spray, depending on your preference, then, put the ball of mass in the interior of the container.
  12. Put a cloth over the cup and put it somewhere fairly warm for an hour. If you have a stove or an oven is a good place to let it stand. This is a good time to clean all it others, only you must leave the flour and the area floured in your table without touch.
  13. The mass should be approximately the double of the size that had initially, but not you worry too much if is more large or more small that that, provided have more volume, at least, a certain amount. Hit the dough down (three or four good hits will make that shrinkage and back to normal),
  14. Then put the dough on the table filled with flour and extends it in the form of rectangle, one side must be of the same elongated giving container where we are going to put, others as well since we are going to wrap.
  15. It is possible that you have to put a little flour on it and on the table to prevent sticking. To time to wrap it up! The roll should be more or less the same size as the bread pan.
  16. Insert the ends of the roll underneath.
  17. Then dip the container where we will put the bread with oil, butter for cooking, or corn flour and put the bread in the pan.
  18. Cover the pan with a cloth, as you have done above, put it where it was before, (stove or oven) and wait another hour. This is a good time to clean everything that we have used.
  19. The bread should be increased a bit more: Put the bread in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius) for thirty minutes.
  20. When is made, takes it and removed it immediately of the skillet so that is cool.
  21. Allow to cool completely before eating.
  22. Toasted once this bread will be especially amazing! Put a slice in the toaster and spread a little butter or margarine on it.
  23. Already now you just… enjoy this sublime moment!

What do you need for How to make homemade bread?

Aquí está el equipo que necesitas …

Un tazón grande o dos si no quieres tener que lavar en la mitad del proceso.

Una cuchara (para revolver la masa) .

Una taza de medir.

Una cuchara medidora.

Una bandeja de pan (Obviamente, para cocer el pan).

Un paño de mano (para cubrir la masa de pan, ya que se eleva y puede recibir aire, polvo o cualquier cosa no deseada).

Eso es todo lo que necesita, lo cual es bastante común en la mayoría de las cocinas.

Ahora, vamos por los ingredientes de los alimentos:

1/4 taza de leche

5 cucharaditas de azúcar

1 cucharadita de sal

5 cucharadas de mantequilla

1 paquete de levadura seca activa (se puede obtener de la levadura, lo podemos encontrar en la sección de la harina)

3 1/2 tazas de harina

Almidón de maíz o aceite en aerosol (sólo para evitar que el pan se pegue al recipiente o bandeja)



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