When we go to the fairs we see that food stalls are a few rich fritters we can see close to them without feeling craving to try some. Is sad having that wait to the next fair to eat one of these rich fritters, not can leave that that pass. Would be great to eat them in any day that we want.

Them fritters of fair are more easy of prepare of what many might think, not is requires of much more beyond of yeast, water, flour, salt and sugar, so not feel that will be difficult do it or will take much in to enjoy some.

There are many people who do not know how to make fritters fair and stay with the doubt and the craving of eating them, for these people we have the solution, watch this recipe and follow step by step instructions you put here, if you do can make a few rich fritters fair easy and quick to prepare.

Today we’ll show you a recipe to make fritters fair at home that you will be delicious, soft and irresistible and above all that no will take you hours preparing, as they are very simple, but clear, this simplicity does not remove them its fascinating flavor. Prepares a few irresistible Donuts and enjoy them today itself.

Instructions for How to make fritters fair

  1. In a container placed the water warm along with the yeast in powder, moves this with a spoon or leaves this in the Blender until is dissolve well, is recommended that let this stand by ones 10 minutes so the tampion work best. He water should be warm, not cold, because of it contrary it yeast not rise well nor is dissolve well in the water, by that will seek that the water is warm to the touch, i.e., such as if were to bathing you with she, or very cold or much less boiling.
  2. As soon as they spend 10 minutes of rest of the yeast in the water, is time that you put this under the blender or you take a hand whisk and while you move it again, begin to add little by little the flour. This process will not take long, but you should take good care of that water with yeast and flour are well beaten so no lumps in dough fritters fair. Can use a colander and sprinkle the flour in the mass while it bates to ensure you of that really not will be lumps in the mass at the time of make them fritters of fair.
  3. Add salt, this must be only a hint and you mix it very well with the rest of the ingredients that make up the mass of the fritters. It also adds the spoonful of sugar that had departed. The mix between the salt and the sugar in joint with the yeast, will help to highlight the flavor of them fritters and to leven best at the time of frying them. By that is important add both items to the pasta of the fritters.
  4. Now is the time that let this dough rest for about 10 minutes so that the yeast ferment a bit, the mass and fritters rise well and do not become hard and dry once cold them. The dough should be somewhat thick, not as thick as to which you can empty it, but if enough so you take a candle or bunolera for donuts and fritters in the mass add.
  5. Put heating oil or fat in a large saucepan to make fritters can swim in it without problems. If you want that oil does not have a strong flavor, you can put a lemon, orange or tangerine peel to lose some of its flavor and is lighter. You can use butter if you wish, but the fritters tend to absorb fat when this is pork or it is not hot, so we recommend that you use oil or shortening that is absorbed less and be out more fat fast giving a better finishing touch fritters fair.
  6. As soon as you notice that the oil is hot, add a little dough to the tool to make Donuts. As soon as the first donut lift tool, returns to fill it and repeat the procedure to fill the pot or pan with oil for fritters. As soon as they are ready place them on a tray with absorbent paper towels keep frying the rest of them, cares not burning by the heat of the oil, if necessary to low is the fire in your stove or turn it off so that the oil temperature drops and you continue frying fritters. Leaves that they trust on both sides, if it is necessary to take a fork or a Tilter and turn them so that they become well.
  7. While still remain hot fritters, add the sugar and cinnamon in a bowl with lid and stir them slightly so that they mix well. Now put some doughnuts on the, top this and holding the pot with the lid and the handles, shakes it to make fritters sprinkle well. Then place the fritters on a plate and serve with your drink or sweet favorite..

What do you need for How to make fritters fair?

  • 125 ml of warm water
  • 125 grams of standard wheat flour
  • 1 hint of salt
  • 1 tablespoon sugar standard
  • 10 grams of baking powder
  • Oil or fat for frying
  • Sugar and cinnamon for sprinkling

Tips for How to make fritters fair

  • You can use milk warm instead of water if want that the pasta of them fritters have a flavor more sweet.
  • If want that your fritters of fair is see more decorated, can put them a bit of coverage of chocolate over so is see more tasty and have a flavor slightly more sweet.
  • You can also put some not very hot melted butter in the dough of Donuts and these will be even softer than if not put butter.
  • You can join them with honey or syrup, or just milk.
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