The fritters are delicious and you can eat them any time you want, in particular, to celebrate something. It is common to eat them at Christmas or during Lent, but the truth no matter which day of the year, it is always nice to surprise someone with these treats.

If you want to pamper yourself a bit, what better to eat something rich? Fritters are that option could satisfy you when you want to spend some time at home and eating something rich and sweet.

So good of them Donuts is that can make them with sugar standard or with sweeteners in case of not wanting to have problems with your glucose. Also, you can accompany them with milk, cream, fruit or simply eat it with honey to the style traditional.

There are many recipes of fritters and, you’ll find several of these, so feel free to browse our website.

Meanwhile, you will show a rich recipe of fritters of stretch home, this recipe is the more traditional to make fritters and it can make with few ingredients. Just take a day a week to prepare and enjoy these rich doughnuts while you cook them at home.

Learn soon how to make fritters and share this delight with who you most want.

Instructions for How to Make Fritters

  1. Bring to boil the tomato peels with water and cumin. This water will be used to make the dough of the fritters and must be warm when entering the dough. But if you do not want to use water you can use milk, the flavor of the fritters will be smoother if you use milk, although it is common to use spicy water to do it and they remain with an incomparable flavor.
  2. Clean the table in which you are going to prepare the fritters, wash your hands well and all the dishes you are going to use, it is important to keep space to work in the kitchen without having big problems and we need cleaning to guarantee the order. Place flour on the clean, dry table in the form of a fountain. Add to the flour a tablespoon of standard sugar or any type of sugar you have, also add the baking powder or baking powder inside the flour source that is on the table. Mix these ingredients with the source flour and make the same source as before.
  3. Add the 2 cups of spicy water gradually or milk inside the flour source and begin to move this creating a dough. You can use water or milk, but if you use milk the fritters will be smoother and the dough will be ready much faster than if you use water, but both liquids are acceptable and they remain to your decision and you can resign of the milk if you prefer or of the water seasoned. 
  4. Also add the egg, you can beat the egg a little before adding it to the dough with some water or mixing it with the milk or the spicy water that you are going to use, so that when this is integrated into the mixture, it is incorporated evenly throughout the dough And we save ourselves mash for a long time to integrate the ingredients and distribute them well in the whole mass of the fritters. If you notice that the dough is very watery, add more flour little by little while kneading.
  5. We will leave this in a bowl and cover with sticky plastic so that it does not enter or leave air, this will serve to make the dough double and ferment well. It is advisable to put the dough in a place a little warm, for example next to the stove (taking care not to cause accidents), or in the window during sunny days so that the double dough is faster and you can make the fritters in less time and Without waiting so long for the double dough. Let this rest 2 hours.
  6. When the dough has already folded, sprinkle a little flour on the table and remove the dough from the bowl, put the dough on the flour that you sprinkled and knead once more. Now you have small balls and place them on a tray with waxed paper and cover them with a napkin. Let these dough balls fold again.
  7. When you realize that the dough has already doubled again, heat 1 liter of oil or shortening in a large pot or pan. While the oil is heated, it kneads the balls and creates some flat and thin tortillas, it is not necessary that they are extremely thin, but if a little, because when frying the fritters, these will increase in size considerably.
  8. With the oil very hot and the fritters already extended, it is time that you put them to fry. Do it one by one if you do not have experience in frying, because if you neglect and imprudently put the dough in the hot oil, you could burn seriously. It is even convenient to have a lid near the pot in case the oil starts to jump.
  9. As soon as you have fritters, put them to drain in a tray on absorbent paper so that they do not have an excess of fat or oil. If it is possible for the fat to drain faster, accommodate the fritters fresh from the oil so that they are arranged in a vertical line to drain faster.
  10. Now that the donuts are ready, it is time to make the honey with which you will accompany them. Put 1 cup of sugar in half a liter of water and let this dissolve well, add 2 cloves of this honey and also a teaspoon of anise seeds. Once all this boils, turn off the fire and let it sit well for a moment, then pour the honey in a pitcher and bathe the fritters with this rich honey.

What do you need for How to Make Fritters?

  • 18 tomato peels
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder or baking powder
  • 150 gr of butter, margarine or butter
  • 150 gr of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cloves
  • 1 kilo of standard wheat flour
  • 2 cups water

Tips for How to Make Fritters

You can use anise tea or orange leaf tea to use as water during the preparation of dough fritters.

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