To begin with, we must know that the fondant is a paste of sugar used to decorate cakes, tarts, cookies, cupcake, etc. providing a unique presentation. Although we may seem difficult or even impossible to perform, we will use a very simple and economic way that is doing it with a cloud of sugar and icing sugar. We encourage you to prepare it!

Instructions for How to make fondant with sugar clouds

  1. We spread by shortening the inner surface of the container that we will use to melt the clouds. This should be microwaveable. Or if we do it in a water bath should be suitable for this procedure.
  2. Select the clouds that we will use and cut into small pieces for faster preparation, and put them in the container. If we dye them, we have to use white clouds. And at the end putting on the finishing fondant ink.
  3. We added a tablespoon of water or vanilla essence to the bowl with clouds. If we want to maintain the proper color of clouds, we incorporate only water as vanilla essence change the flavor and color of our preparation.
  4. We heat it up 30 seconds in the microwave, depending on “unfreezing”. Do not heat in normal function because we can spoil the preparation.
  5. We take a spoon to which we will place shortening for the preparation does not stick, and stir until a smooth paste. If necessary, you can put the microwave 30 seconds, but always defrost function.
  6. We incorporate our preparation icing sugar and stir. The amount that will incorporate the necessary until our mass take a firm consistency. It out of the bowl and mix on a flat surface until the dough does not stick to our hands.
  7. Wrap it in paper film and place in an airtight Tupperware so that when we use it is in perfect condition.
  8. We took him to the refrigerator until it is used to decorate. When we use it, we must take into account that must be heated again and add a little powdered sugar to take the necessary consistency.

What do you need for How to make fondant with sugar clouds?

  • 150 grams of sugar clouds
  • A tablespoon of water or vanilla extract
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Sugar glass

Tips for How to make fondant with sugar clouds

  1. The estimated time for homemade fondant with clouds of sugar is 30 minutes.
  2. The fondant prepared can last up to 3 months in the refrigerator.
  3. If you do not have a microwave, you can melt the clouds in a water bath in a suitable container for this.


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