One of the funniest cooking ways is to decorate the desserts that we do. In the case of baking bread, decorate the cookies always looks good. Whether for Christmas, Easter, birthday, or just for the pleasure of cooking, it’s always nice to give a good and elegant or fun presentation to decorate our creations. If like make decorated cookies but still not know what forms use or how do it then follows these steps and get your own cookies decorated in house.

Instructions for How to make decorated cookies

  1. Prepare the cookies of any type of mass or flavor you want. If you want to make little cookie then cut dolls-shaped cookies.
  2. Place two sparks of white chocolate as the eyes of the gingerbread man or two dots of bitumen to decorate. Place more bitumen into a bag with a pastry bag to decorate, this must be thin so you can make the lines and drawings in the biscuit little.
  3. Christmas butter cookies or stuffed you can cover with a little honey and sprinkle icing sugar, then put a bit of jam in the Center to give a touch more winter.
  4. You can also decorate Christmas cookies if you cut the pine tree-shaped cookie dough and cover them with white bitumen and bitumen green, then place small sparks red as if they were fields and Christmas decorations or other color creates hoar frost that decorate the Christmas tree.
  5. For Valentine cookies get cookies in the shape of hearts, cover with pink bitumen or mix a drop of red dye for foods in white bitumen. With this bitumen covers cookies and decorated with figures, autographs or names with the help of a thin pastry bag to give it a more loving touch to the decor.
  6. Halloween cookies you can use white bitumen in a round cookie and with the help of dark chocolate has the eyes and the mouth of Jack Skeleton. You can also make cookies shaped pumpkin with a face such as those of Halloween, ghosts, witches, and more. You can also make cookies shaped catrinas or calacas for day of the dead.
  7. For Easter get cookies shaped rabbits and put the details with bitumen or coverage. Also get cookies in the form of decorated eggs and chickens.

What do you need for How to make decorated cookies?

  • Bitumen for bread of colors
  • Jam
  • Chocolate solid for pastry
  • Almonds, walnuts, raisins or blueberries
  • Colors of fancy chocolate chips.

Tips for How to make decorated cookies

  • You can mix these options on how decorate cookies to make decorated cookies, wear them, and share them with who you want.
  • Decorate to your taste, experience and looking for the ways to decorate cookies that you like.


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