Colombia is a country full of traditions, music, joy and a very rich and developed gastronomy. When one thinks of Colombia, it is impossible not to think of their rich arepas, the mute santanderiano, paisa tray, rice, and, of course, the traditional Colombian donuts, commonly prepared for the holidays and accompanied by Colombian custard.

Colombian fritters are very tasty and rich, they carry cheese and tapioca, which gives them an incomparable flavor and makes them very nutritious. They are perfect to accompany with warm milk or chocolate. Ideal for a breakfast that will fill you with energy before any period of physical activity.

It is traditional to make Colombian fritters with Costa Rican cheese, but if you live in another country and it is difficult to find this type of cheese, do not worry, you can use fresh cheese, feta cheese, or ground cheese, or if you are a vegan, until You can opt for soy cheese, so it will not be difficult to make Colombian fritters at home even if you do not have the traditional Costa Rican cheese, because the taste will still be great.

Learn to prepare these rich Colombian fritters with us, we have a recipe that will leave you fascinated with the flavor that Colombia has for you.

Instructions for How to Make Colombian Fritters

  1. You begin by mixing the dry ingredients, in a good sized bowl you will place the cheese and mix it with the cornstarch using a wooden shovel or a cooking spoon, you can always use the hands as soon as they are clean. You should mix this very well.
  2. You can do this on a clean table by placing the ingredients in the form of a fountain or you can use a container, this will depend only on how you prefer to make the dough of the Colombian fritters. You can also do this using a hand beater or electric mixer.
  3. As soon as this is well blended, you will incorporate the tapioca bit by bit into this cheese mixture with cornstarch. It also incorporates sugar into this.
  4. Take the eggs and beat them in a bowl, they should be pale and both the yolks and the egg whites must be very well beaten and mixed together. As soon as the egg is ready and you have beaten it well, start to incorporate it into the dough slowly, while kneading with your hands rigorously. You do not need to knead for hours, but if you have enough time to mix all the ingredients very well and there is a mass to handle, if you notice that the dough is somewhat hard, add some water and continue kneading, but not too much or You can not handle the dough well.
  5. As soon as you notice that the dough is well beaten, apply it and open it a little and add the teaspoon of salt, knead this again and add the butter, now as you will see you will have to knead again. If you do not have butter, you can use margarine, oil or butter instead to make the dough of the Colombian fritters.
  6. Now is the time to put the oil to heat. To make the Colombian fritters and that these are well cooked and not very fatty, it is necessary that the oil is abundant and that is very hot. The best way to heat the oil is to make your stove and add the oil to a deep pot and put it to heat, the ideal temperature for the oil that is 175 °, but you can guide you to know if the oil is at If you put a piece of dough in it and after about 3 or 5 seconds, this piece of dough rises and starts to fry, but if the piece of dough sinks, then you should let the oil heat up for longer. With the passage of time you will find the ideal oil temperature point.
  7. While the oil is hot, it is time to add the baking powders to the dough of the Colombian fritters, the powders should only be added when we are about to fry the fritters, otherwise, if you put the powder before and you let the Time, the fritters could be somewhat hard or with a not very pleasant consistency. So, just before frying the fritters, add the powder and knead this very well.
  8. With this dough to make Colombian fritters, make balls, not very small, 5 centimeters in diameter will be fine, unless of course, that you want the fritters to be bigger or smaller, but the common thing is that the Colombian fritters are something big . You can even choose to make them somewhat elongated and not like balls.
  9. Place these balls on a plate so you can have them close to the time you start to fry. Now add them one by one to the oil and let them brown well, these fritters will take 10 to 25 minutes to be well cooked, you can know that the fritters are well cooked when you notice that they are golden all around. Take one of these fritters and open it to see if it is already cooked.
  10. These fritters tend to spin in the oil alone, so it is not necessary to move them a lot, but if a little so that they are not sewed from one place or sticking with other fritters. As soon as the fritters are ready, put them in a container or tray with towels of absorbent paper to remove the excess oil that they may have. Now these fritters are ready to be eaten.

What do you need for How to Make Colombian Fritters?

  • 200 grams of queso costeño (if you can not get this type of cheese, you can use fresh cheese)
  • 145 grams of cornstarch
  • 85 grams of tapioca
  • 75 grams of sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 butter spoons
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • Accept butter
  • Simple water

Tips for How to Make Colombian Fritters

  • You can use warm milk or yogurt if you want to moisten the dough with something other than ordinary water or give it more flavor.
  • You can also use mineralized water that will help the dough to be smoother when frying the fritters.
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