In the kitchen traditional, the fish is one of them food more cooked, since the facility for cooking and its properties make of the one of them best food that exist.

We call fish to any animal in the animal Kingdom of the fish, the most primitive vertebrate animal that exists. The fish live both in water sweet as in water salted, being both types edible.

Although the majority of fish to eat, obviously not everyone has the same taste. By this reason, is consume more some types of fish that others, as for example them horse mackerel, the trout, the bass or the turbot between many others.

How to cook fish

All these types of fish have a certain taste, which may like more or less like depending on the type of person. Trout like some people better, turbot prefer other people and other people like most other types of fish such as mackerel or sardines.

That if, in which all the world is of agreement is in that a fish well-cooked always know best that one badly cooked, since the kitchen is an art and if not is makes correctly,you can make a bad saucer by much that you like a fish.

Fortunately, there are ways to cook fish for all tastes, already be fried, cooked, breaded, steamed, baked… Dominates any form of cooking this rich delicacy and great food you can offer your guests a meal which also has a lot of vitamins and minerals that will make healthy and nutritious food.

Today I will teach you how to cook fish of all these forms, to be the King of the kitchen and teach to the entire world your large skills.

What do you need for How to cook fish?

  • Fish of any kind:
  • Flour batter:
  • Oil:
  • Salt:
  • A pressure cooker.
  • Sauce to accompany if desired.

Instructions for How to cook fish

  1. Fried fish: First, go with the fried fish, which is one of the ways of cooking simple fish that exist. The fish fried is a form of cooking in which is takes less than 5 minutes, since only are going to give turned and turned the fish to is do well. In first place, cast a bit of oil in the Pan and it leave heating some 3 minutes. When it begins to boil, pour the previously cut fish a little hand to make it also on the inside. We hope for you to do on the one hand and then give the back, until it is fully cooked. Serve only with a pinch of salt or with a sauce special of fish, for a better taste.
    How to cook fish
  2. Fish cooked: There are certain people who do not want the fried fish, since having the oil fattening more than other types of fish. The fish cooked is a fish that not fattening just nothing, since not have oil. The way of do it is cut the fish in pieces and remove you them thorns, for after put to heat a pot in water during 10 minutes and take the fish when start to boil. The fish will begin to become and in approximately 10 minutes will be made. This fish if only doesn’t know anything, but is ideal as an accompaniment for a rich soup of seafood or to serve along with some special fish sauce.
  3. How to cook fish
  4. Fish to the steam: The fish to the steam is a fish that is made in a pot special prepared for this. Many people confused it with the fish cooked, however, does not exactly equal, since fish stew is done directly in the water and which is the steam is made with the steam release water. In the latter case we get a dry, water-free fish and has both volume as the other, something that some people like to. With a pot special is made quite easy, taking exactly it same that takes in make a fish cooked, since really what takes is the water in boil. This fish may eat alone or with sauce, such as cooked fish, although it has a different flavor.
    How to cook fish
  5. Fish jacketed: The jacketed fish is a true delicacy, because it is a fried fish coated with a layer of batter of flour that gives a rich flavor and a beautiful golden color. The jacketed fish is easy to do, as you must do first batter with flour spread the fish well on both sides. Once you are anointed, you take a little oil in the pan, let it warming up for about 3 minutes and miss the fish until completely done and you can eat. The battered fish can be eaten alone perfectly, as the rich flavor of the flour will do the rest. The only drawback is that it has more calories and it takes a little more than fried fish, but I think it’s worth if done well.
    How to cook fish
  6. Baked fish: Baked fish is a type of fish cuisine in which we fish in an oven. The oven is a device that allows heat food to a very high temperature, boiling in the process equally. Preheat an oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes we put the fish for 5 minutes and have it ready. We can season the fish with salt and lemon, like a roast chicken and we can also take some sort of sauce to make it taste better. Baked fish is the preferred type of many people, who prefer a less fattening food than fried, but has a similar or even better flavor without all the fat.
    How to cook fish
  7. Other ways to cook fish: There are many ways to cook fish of these, which depend on each type of fish. The sushi for example, is a form of cooking fish which is not cooked, ie, that kind of fish is served completely raw, uncooked. There are also fish served in soups, others spend on a plate to be made slowly and even fish that are made in wood ovens. I encourage you to share in the comments your favorite way to prepare fish, so that everyone can enjoy it on this website.
    How to cook fish

Tips for How to cook fish

  • Always frozen fish: The fish always be frozen, for the simple reason that Anisakis virus could be present in it. As this virus can kill an adult man, it is best to freeze the fish, so that this virus die so they can eat any kind of fish in a healthy and natural way.
  • Best types of fish to cook: It depends on the person, but usually the most commonly used are the trout, turbot, salmon and sea bass. The trout tastes good and is healthy, salmon is a lot of omega 3 turbot are easy to eat and bass is like trout but with a more intense flavor. If you do not know what your favorite fish, there is only one way to know.
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