In Holy Week is when we make more fritters, but it does not really matter why dates are passing, we do not have to depend on a date to eat something that we like a lot. If you like fritters, you can eat them whenever you want and share them with whomever you want.

There are many types of fritters you can make, sweet, salty, stuffed, sweet-sour, creamy, dry, in short, a great range of delicious fritters you can prepare, but if there are some that are perfect for lunch time, cod fritters, which are prepared quickly and serve to accompany any dish without taking away elegance.

The cod fritters are very tasty and easy to prepare, with ingredients that we have every day, garlic, flour, or cod that we have left over from a stew, it is even perfect that you go out to buy ingredients just to make cod fritters.

This recipe to make cod fritters, is with a little beer, which will give an excellent flavor and a smooth and perfect consistency when eating the donut, but you can make them with milk, mineral water or plain water if you do not want Use beer In a short time and with few ingredients you will have finished making delicious cod fritters.

Instructions for How make cod fritters

  1. We will begin by crushing the cod into very small pieces. You can cut the pieces of cod with a knife so that they are smaller and you do not have to use your hands a lot, just take care that the edge of the knife blade does not hurt you, and so take your time to do this. Once you have the cod well cut, place it in a container and keep it apart in a nearby place, use scissors to cut cod or an electric crusher, it is also a good choice. You can use salted cod or salad the cod at home, you just have to put some salt of table or to soak it with little water and a spoonful of salt and to leave this to rest of 10 to 30 minutes trying to move it from time to time so that The cod will absorb the salt and the uniform taste will remain all the pieces.
  2. Now chop the garlic very finely, that the pieces are small, it is not necessary that you crush the garlic, because then when frying it, it would lose much of its flavor, but if it is necessary that you finely chop the garlic and in some rather small pictures So that when mixed with ingredients all combine their flavors with garlic. As soon as you have all the chopped garlic, add them to the cod and stir this to mix well and incorporate the elements for the pasta of the cod fritters.
  3. Now chop the parsley too into very small pieces. It is convenient if you do not have experience with the knife or want to do it faster, you choose to use a crusher to finish faster with parsley, you can even use the crusher for parsley and garlic and thus save you the time of chopping the two Ingredients, or use scissors to cut it.
  4. Stir in the parsley along with the cod and the chopped garlic, mix this very well again. In a bowl lay the eggs and beat them well, they should not be close to nougat, but if they should take a somewhat clear color that indicates that the yolks and whites are well beaten together. Now that the eggs are well beaten, put the flour on a strainer and move it so that when it falls on the eggs do not form lumps and the dough is softer. Move the flour and the eggs while incorporating the beer slowly, do not stop moving this while adding beer to prevent the formation of lump The beer will help the pasta raise and become fluffy when making the cod fritters.
  5. Once this dough is well beaten, place the mixture of cod, garlic and parsley and move this very well. It should not remain as very liquid paste, nor much less hard, as this must be fried and the surface is what will be crunchy. If you notice that the dough is very dry, add some water and move this well again.
  6. Try this pasta and if you notice that you need more salt, add a little, remember that salt should not be added until the last, because it is common that the cod is already salty and therefore, it gives flavor to the pasta.
  7. Now put oil to heat in a frying pan, it is important that it is enough, at least to cover 3 thirds of the fritter and that is very hot, or otherwise, the fritters could absorb oil and become greasy at the time of eat them, while if the oil is very hot they will not absorb much and will cook well.
  8. With the help of 2 clean spoons and dry we will form some balls of about 4 centimeters in diameter for each one, it is not necessary that they are perfect, only something round. Then we will be careful not to skip the hot oil, each of these balls in the pan with oil and let them fry, move them with the help of the spatula and let them fry until they stop pulling out many bubbles around them, or notes that are already well cooked and a little golden.
  9. As soon as the fried fritters start to come out, place them on a plate with absorbent paper down to lose excess fat or oil. After this you can serve them and eat them at ease.

What do you need for How make cod fritters?

  • 300 grams of cod
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 grams of flour
  • 20 grams of baking powder
  • 280 milliliters of beer
  • 3 garlic
  • 20 grams of parsley
  • Oil

Tips for How make cod fritters

  • To avoid the oil burning when you fry the cod fritters, we recommend that you put it to heat over a medium heat with a lid until the oil begins to smoke, it is at this moment when you should put a small amount of dough if it is It sinks, it does not heat the oil, and if it rises quickly, the oil is at its ideal point of heat.
  • To know when the fritters are ready, you can take one and open it, if you notice that it is already cooked, you will know how long you have to let them fry.
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